Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday TV

I am a conscientious TV watcher..i hate wasting the day away just watching shows...it feels empty and gross. Don't get me wrong i can waste a good Saturday with the best of us but as far as the weekly watching i try to keep it to the minium not the max! :) 
But monday nights are AMAZING!! My husband and i are blessed to have DVR and we record two shows weekly CHUCK and CASTLE!! My husband really enjoys Castle, he thinks he is cleaver and oh so 'rugged and handsome'! I love Chuck cause he is a sweet lil nerd and is totally in love with this bombshell and he is always so SWEET! Castle just makes me laugh and laugh...the story writters are awesome! i just know that they won't ever get together cause its the crux of the show...so keep it clean an sweet boys!
Last night we actually got to watch them on time cause andrew didn't have a football game. It was a nice night of relaxation with a lil bit of football (bears and somebody played).
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