Saturday, September 04, 2010


Through out the old testament we see God telling his people to build an alter to remember something momentous, something special. Usually they are attached with a word describing God or what he did at that spot.

I have two reminders with me all the time shown above in the picture. My tattoo and wedding bands. Both are reminders of love for me. Love of God- tattoo- being permanent and constantly with me whether i notice it or not, and the foundation for my marriage...which is my wedding bands. The love that Kimmel has for me -though we may be flawed- is perfect for me. These two reminders tell me who i am and who loves me. During sad times i see them and smile. During happy times they shine like the sun! (yes the tattoo shines :) )

I am very blessed. God has been faithful through some AWESOME times and some really crummy times! We are thankful! I wanted to remind you ;)
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