Friday, September 17, 2010

Scootin around town!

So right after andrew and i got married we made the decision to sell his ranger and get a scooter. We had a friend that had gotten one and said the gas mileage was incredible. Andrew is all about saving money and i am all about saving the earth so we saved up and got it! He is the proud driver, but some days when its been a beating for him i take it. Yesterday was that day for me. I really like riding it cause its you and nature breezing together. If its hot you are sweating and the hot air is nasty. If its cool the breeze is amazing! If its one of the three cold days here in texas you better bundle up! Yesterday this strange dragonfly type thing almost ran into me as i was slowing down for a light...would have been tragic. :0
we love riding together too...its a fun late evening ride!

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