Friday, September 10, 2010

side project

My two new obsessions in my life at 32 are -trying my hand at photography and decorating our home. (not sure if i am good at either but i am having fun!) I took a class in college on interior design...don't remember much but remember having fun in the class. My favorite thing is to find things that people wouldn't naturally put together...its a hunt.
Andrew and i both like working and building things together, so there are so many things we have in our minds that we want to do it will take us years! :) Although this weekend was overshadowed with my painting i still had my bathroom that is on the back of my mind. Bit by bit things are coming together. I love watching it form and get a personality. Went to
hobby lobby the other day and bought something that had no purpose just so i could decorate with it! It was fun! So here is my current status with the bathroom...i think i may need to paint the wall behind the big mirror but other than that i think its coming along smoothly!

The picture above is the electrical plates i found at hobby lobby that i instantly thought would tie the rooms together!

The cross above was made by my Texas Mom Renee! She has a booth at Canton that is AMAZING and you should stop by when you go! If you love to decorate with crosses she is your lady!

Now here is the toilet room with the closet beside it and the door out. We took out the closet door cause there were too many doors there and it had a big ding in it. So i put a fancy stopper on the entrance door and hung this fabric to hide the shelves :)

I'm telling you LOADS OF FUN!!!

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