Thursday, September 02, 2010

Your Voice

The other morning in staff meeting as we were praying one of the pastors said something that has resonated with me. He was talking about David and his Psalms and how he had a voice and a different way to write. Its important for us to find our evangelism voice. Don't base it on the 4 spiritual laws or what ever structure there is, but seek God and follow him in his leading for your evangelism.

This hit me cause we have been praying about how to minister to our neighbors. It is a slow going process but we are asking, listening and obeying. I sometimes wish i were further along and knew what everyone needed...andrew softly says its ok just keep being obedient, in HIS time. So i sing a song of love to my neighbors....not just sure yet what the next words are!

What does your evangelism sound like?
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