Saturday, October 23, 2010


I am super excited cause i made my first chandelier! I wanted a fun chandelier for our entryway but found that they were WAY too expensive...talking lowest price $200 something....I came across this lovely large bamboo lantern with a glass canister to hold a large candle. Not a huge fan of candles so i sorta looked on by, but the haunting $10 price kept it in my mind. What could i do with something like that? I kept thinking about it through out the week and just thought...its 10 bucks, that isn't too bad to just try something! :)

So i got it and studied it and planned my idea. I threw it at Kimmel and he thought it sounded great. I talked with his dad and it was a done deal. A couple weeks later we were walking thru Lowes picking out all the connector pieces. Got the 3 pieces of glass for $3, got a chain to hang it on, ceiling cover, power cord, frosting spray for the glass, brown spray to cover some of the metal, lightbulbs and some screws, nuts and bolts for right around $50! So this chandelier is costing me $60! Not too shabby! :) Slowly the entryway will feel welcoming, just need a bench and a coat rack...that is on my list!

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