Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Green Tendencies

The other day i had a friend tell me that i had green tendencies. She was referring to my recycle bin, my cloth snack baggies instead of zip lock, cloth napkins, and the fact that i said "i REALLY need to get a compost going i hate throwing all of this away or down the drain". Jill was saying that i wasn't totally 'green' just had some tendencies and this made me laugh. I try really hard to be a good steward of all that God gives me and not be wasteful or cause more landfill and save money at the same time. Another friend said he ranked me at like a level 3 'green' person. Level one is recycling, level two the snack bags and napkins, level three being the scooter. It just made me laugh that they were judging my efforts of being 'green'. I have aspirations of a garden, compost pile and cloth diapers when we have babies. (those suckers can save you $,4,000 and they are TOTALLY great now!!) Maybe the diapers would put me on like level 5! Well no matter what level people put me on or think of me and how green i am...i like using cloth napkins, riding the scooter and being conscious of recycling stuff! If i could use solar panels on my house i would, but they are TOO expensive :)
What level are you? Do you think green? 

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