Friday, November 05, 2010

Budget cuts

Andrew and i were talking about money and future stuff planning and budgeting. We approach it differently. I can save pretty good, but i mostly look at life now and see what i need and use only that. He likes to do ROTH and Savings and NO DEBT! i like no debt too...i am not really a huge spender, so we get along good..except we explain things differently and in our head we are thinking the same thing but saying it backwards almost so we get flustered and confused and annoyed. haha we will spend like 40 mins saying stuff and finally we go so i am saying the grass is green, the other is yeah the green grass is what we your saying the same thing?? hahah its crazy

 Anyway we are wanting to live on a tighter budget so i am giving up my Sbux :( we are cutting down our eating out. Which means more preparatory cooking for me....when will i find the time...that is the challenge :) Fun challenge! Sticking to the budget is a challenge with two people but we are up to it!

Any fun stories or advice about budgeting?
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