Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photo shoot with Mabry Family

This past saturday was my first official photo shoot, meaning not really close friends, was really nervous to do it. Andrew came with me and was my voice of direction. I picked the same spot a friend of ours took our engagement pictures, main street Grapevine. We went a bit early to the spot and marked some places we thought would work, and talked out what positions might be good. With his strong voice he commanded them into spots! :)

It was fun and the weather was perfect for it. Andrew had gotten me a new lens in time for the shoot so i was super pumped and so thankful it made it in time. There were a couple times that i forgot to change the setting and was like OH NO! Let's try that again!

 I think they like it and are happy with it. A mutual friend has already asked me to take pics of her and her hubby. Now i am just waiting for my label to be created so i can look even more official! This is a fun hobby that i am excited to chase after!

Click Here for more pics
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