Saturday, November 06, 2010

sweet blessings

This past couple weeks God has really encouraged me through other people. Its fun to see Him use others that you would never think of to give encouragement to you.  Not cause they don't care but cause you don't have that much interaction with them. Through Jesus you are connected. There were three sweet people this week that mentioned God had laid me on their hearts thru their personal worship time with Him. Its awesome to know God uses those who understands and lifts you up to Him.

Another sweet blessing that happened today in the midst of busy season..hahah does that season end?? Two of my friend bought me Sbux cause they knew i was giving it up for the budget! haha simple and so sweet I LOVE IT! :) I pray that He will give me ways to bless others. I sometimes get so caught up in my busyness or lackings that i think selfishly and protectively. I want to be a conduit for his blessings for others!! That is my prayer!
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