Monday, January 24, 2011


Sometimes in life things get distorted due accident or chance. Sometimes its done on purpose so you can get a better view of something familiar.

Got my fisheye lens in the mail today and was super excited to play with it...i am not fully sure what i am doing but excited for pictures ahead! 

I like the fish eye cause it puts a 'fun' spin on the view of the same ol same ol. Many times i feel like life is same ol same ol and sometimes i just need to sit upside down in my chair or lay the wrong way in bed just to view it a bit different. 

Distortion can be a bad thing or a good thing. Sometimes our past distorts our view of our selfs and weakens us to do God's will. Today i heard of a popular christian man and his wife splitting up and it makes me sad and angry... that whatever distorted their individual relationships btw God now separates the couple. 
I am praying that today we can focus on the future and not get distorted in the negative way. But keep all eyes on God. 

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