Saturday, January 01, 2011


Kimmel and i drove to va this past week to stay with my family. The drive wasn't too horrible, 20 hours of driving with no wrecks, weather or crowded roads. The time flew by as i slept, tee hee. We switched off driving while i drove he slept vice versa.

There are some things very vital for Kimmel to drive such a long distance...

We got to spend time with my mom, sister and her family. Her four kids are always a blast to be around. We wish we lived closer so we could share life together more! Kimmel got to go skiing with our brother in law...and He was surprised at how nice they were...for virginia mountains. haha

(i got to use my tripod Kimmel got me for christmas...really excited about that!!)
Stole some time away to visit with my longtime friend Amber...even though it was only like half an hour it was WAY nice! Its funny how some people just give you a piece of home. The next day i stole more time from my family to visit with some dear college friends. The top left is monica, due with TWIN BOYS this spring, Amy, me and Allison. We all graduated from Longwood University -or College as we knew it - then one by one we all ended up at SWBTS. We had some great years of life together. It was fun to get time with them and it feel like we never stopped hanging that weird? 

So for the past three christmas's i have known/dated Kimmel it has snowed in Va. We don't usually get snow this time of year i say...but he doesn't believe me! 

Our new years was spent together in our Honda some where on I 40 in Tenn. I believe it was my shift to new years kiss for us! :) 

Happy new years!
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