Thursday, January 06, 2011


One of my favorite things of college and grad school is the schedule. Really liked receiving the syllabi and marking my calendar when we had exams, reports or papers due. Looking over the next 3-4 months all planned and nicely packaged in between my job, church and hang out time.

Its funny cause i feel now in my life that i don't operate on a schedule like that and i miss it. School definitely has a hand in my life still since andrew is a teacher. We get excited for christmas break and such but they are not breaks for me. Those actually turn into trips and stuff that we do with students. It kind of hit me this year cause i took vacation on the back end of christmas and the first week with andrew home and me working kinda was sad hahaha.

Getting back on the schedule always takes a bit it seems...i love stability and schedules...andrew is so spontaneous and we make a great team i believe. I enjoy his spontaneity and it challenges me haha
Sometimes i schedule away life so its nice to have someone who changes it up!

Are you a schedule person or spontaneous? :)
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