Tuesday, February 01, 2011

actual snow day for kimmel

We got a legit snow day! Kimmel and i were anxiously watching the news last night hoping to see his school district listed as closed....AND IT WAS! :) He got excited we jumped in bed and put a movie in to fall asleep to and did NOT set alarms!

We woke up and cooked some bacon, waffles, eggs and hot chocolate and our neighbor's Kati and John joined us. We all watched "How to Train a Dragon" -myfave!- and then we went out in the blistery windy day to play in the snow. Kimmel made a sled....i'll let the pictures do the talking! :)

Still learning photoshop but i figured out a fun snow like back ground :) 

Our back yard is my favorite thing cause it has the cottage look to it :) SO this is our snow day...i am going to put a pot of water on and have some hot tea!! maybe hot chocolate! 

Hope you are enjoying yours! 

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