Thursday, February 24, 2011

Disciple Now

This weekend is our disciple now weekend...if you are a youth worker or pastor you know what this is! This weekend is like a compact camp. Its fun, exciting and kids love it! As leaders we enjoy it so much! Its a weekend where we get to play with our students, hear stories about God touching their hearts and taking steps to grow closer to Him. 

The music is always amazing and i love having concert like worship something about them that i just get lost in the music, even if we sing tons of songs i know from days of old! Its revitalizing and i am looking forward to it! Its been crazy getting ready for it...stress all around as well anticipation of goodness! This year we have a local guy David Gentiles (pictured above) leading worship. He has lead for us one wednesday night so it will be nice to have a familiar face again.

When you finish reading this will you please say a pray for our staff, the students, David Gentiles -worship band and John Thornton- speaker

Thank you!
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