Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun work

The past two wednesdays are the first wednesday since our wedding two aprils ago that i have missed. The winter wonderland storm shut down Texas for a week and then came back for one last closing...wednesday. Before that i snapped some fun pics at work...working with youth keeps you young and fun...or so it seems :) Who could ask for a better job, after a decade of being here in texas and working with NorthWood i can't think of one...well maybe a stay at home mom! Praying that day is soon! Until then enjoy these pictures and stories!

Jill was one of the first girls i connected with when i first arrived at NorthWood, she was in 8th grade. I co taught her group of girls and she held a special place in my heart instantly! She is funny and so energetic, you liked being around her, and she put up with my cheesy mom jokes! She mentioned just yesterday that we have been through many changes in life and remained close. A fresh graduate of Baylor now she works with us at NorthWood!

We share an office and this is her pink desk! :)  It's been so awesome to work with her and see how God has molded her into the Godly woman He has designed especially called Christina Jill Roberts! 

Sorry i took these on the day after getting my fisheye lens and i was obsessed :) 

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