Monday, February 07, 2011

Something you may not know

There is something about me that many people don't know. I LOVE CARS! Sports cars, pretty cars, fun cars! I think it stems from when i was little and my dad would take me to old car shows. I remember the ones at "bills bar b Q" and then one out in a field some where with TONS of old cars. Its a memory i never shook. I haven't driven anything really expensive or crazy. The closest i have gotten is to the eclipse, they are so light and fun to drive. A friend of mine even had the clutch that popped like in the movies...oh man!! SUPER FUN!

So i have confessed recently that i am not as 'hip' as i used to and seem to be finding things out later than i used to about pop stuff...and during the super bowl i was pleasantly surprised to find out....there is ANOTHER FAST AND FURIOUS!!! Now don't get me wrong i hate all the girls dressed in nothing but the cars and the racing i LOVE!! Didn't see Tokyo Drift...cause really that is rediculous. But they have put the whole gang back together...from Paul to Vin and Luda to Tyree. SOOOOO EXCITED!!! here is the trailer for you too to catch the buzz!! :)

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