Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am home!

Wide awake at 5:30 on a thursday morning isn't normal for me! Guess that is what traveling to Vietnam for a week will do to you! :) Went with a small group from church to do some humanitarian work in the mountains of Vietnam. It was a cold, wet, fun week of changes after changes. The language barrier always makes is interesting but the students had a lovely time! Had a couple detours in california but all is safe and sound. Will be putting video up soon.
One really cool bit is seeing one of the orphans from 6 years ago, back helping us with translating and totally excited we are there. Sweet sweet girl named Diep! She came up to me the first night and was like remember me?? and at first i didn't but then it came back to me. She was so fun to have around and very helpful! I am glad that we have reconnected and am excited to see what is next for her!
As of right now i am glad to be home. My husband welcomed me home with a new bed- made by him- and some out side lights that i have wanted to replace our large monstrosity of a light we did have. I am so thankful i made it back home. So thankful that i have a husband who missed me greatly! So thankful God has given me him!
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