Monday, April 18, 2011

2 years

Two years of change, joys, sadness and fun. Two years of God's love, provision and guidance on our journey. Two years that excite us for 2 more years plus. 

This year my hubby and i got to get out of town for the weekend. We had some good friends that invited us to serve at a Ranch with their community easter egg hunt (next blog entry) serving about 700 people! INCREDIBLE! Then we headed out further south to austin to visit our close friends Christin and Dustin.  It was here at their house that i realized my engagement diamond was gone! I believe we all know that feeling when something either sentimental or monetarily valuable is missing. That sinking feeling in your tummy...that was what i felt and from the look in Christin's eyes she did too.  After searching some and thinking i lost it at the ranch...good luck with that one...Her mother in law didn't stop, she was sweeping the house and to her delight she found it in their kitchen! The lord cares even about that! 

The ring lasted 2 years...this ring has given me a bucket full of emotions! Sheer shock and delight the first time i saw it...sweet reminder and happy thoughts of my kimmel's love, and yesterday shear fear and sadness then 'oh well' and ending with relief. 

I know of a couple men that have lost their wedding bands...any women? Share your story in the comments i would love to hear it! 

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