Sunday, April 10, 2011


Little fun fact about me...I LOVE TO DO LAUNDRY! :) I think cause you wash, you dry, you fold then put away. Things smell clean and for about 3 days you aren't thinking about laundry, its all clean. So i am super excited to say that my laundry room/pantry is complete. So thankful that my husband too likes things neat and organized. Thankful that he is a handyman and can build things i dream up!

I got excited today thinking that we get to walk thru the nice laundry room all the time now...its off our garage into the kitchen, so it is an entryway for us! haha anyway i don't have a real good before picture but this one is in the process of it all. Kimmel put all the paneling up and now working on the shelves.

This corner had nothing in it. We had just thrown boxes and stuff on the floor and it was very overwhelming and annoying. We talked about shelves and hooks and stuff. kimmel designed the perfect solution! 

Now everything has a spot...and i can see what i have...only down side Kimmel can't stand the litter box. So its either get rid of the kitty, send her outside, or live with it. 
My favorite by far is the new cabinet from IKEA we just put up this weekend. It is the finishing touch this lil L shaped dual purpose room needed. 

The cabinet has an awesome door to hide all the laundry stuff. It can prop open and holds everything! With a lil decoration from Hobby Lobby we are all done. Welcome to our laundry/pantry room! :) 

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