Saturday, April 02, 2011

New Chapter

This week was my last week working at the church. It was a good week! People said some really sweet things that i never knew they thought of me. :)
The youth group staff gave me a small decorative surf board covered with notes students had written. They were sweet and funny! It was a thoughtful going away gift. Now i need to find a spot on the wall for it! The church staff also did a reception for me and prayed over me. It was a sweet time and very thoughtful of them.
I am glad that my departure is one of excitement and challenge. Excited that God has something different for me, nervous cause i am not quite sure what it is. Excited that we aren't moving AT ALL, either church or home. Thankful for all the years of service and fun i had on staff and excited to be a volunteer and say no when i want! hahaha The challenge is now that i am a SAHW (stay at home wife) how to fill my time wisely, how to learn more about photography, how to be a better wife! These challenges excite me!

Here's to the NEW CHAPTER in the Kimmel household...Hold on! Its gonna be a fun ride!
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