Tuesday, April 12, 2011

new voice

Today the memories begin. Today our house gets a new voice inside. I am watching my lil niece who is 6 weeks old from now til the end of school. I am a lucky girl! She i so cute and sweet. Her lil voice is fun to listen to and conversate with. I hope she remembers so of the fun times we will share.

Had a dream last night that i was driving her and she GOT OUT OF THE CAR SEAT and a friend in the back was trying to secure her but she wasn't having it at all. I was like so worried and i shouted..."Paige (baby's mom) is in the car behind us she can see that i suck!" and the battle ensued of us trying to get her back in the seat...not sure if we did or not i just woke up.

After picking her up and making it safe back home, kimmel was here to unpack her :) He got a sweet kiss and was off to work. I am thankful for my friends who have loaned me baby things, like an awesome swing and a baby bijorn.. I have already called my sister to get to encouragement cause i am new to this and she has 4! Its gonna be fun!
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