Tuesday, May 03, 2011


So we have started this thing called detox. This thing that gets rid of the hormones and chemicals we get from eating the food that has those things in them. We get to clean our bodies out. NO BODY TOLD US HOW DISGUSTING THE SHAKES R!!! i mean i can eat anything but that is nasty! So i hide nothing from you...YUCK! Thankfully my sister-in-law gave me one tip that helped take the edge off...but still looking for more secrets.

My sweet husband is doing this with me cause i am trying to get healthy. Hoping to balance my hormones and up the ante for us getting pregnant. The hardest part is the shakes...we are hoping after the first week it just isn't a factor anymore. His light of hope is that after 11 days we get to add chicken to our diet! :)

The people who have done this says its an amazing thing once you finish...starting is hard. Its easier to drink my second shake of the day in the evening with my hubby as we muscle it down. If he wasn't doing this too i don't think i would make it!

Pray for us to stay strong and finish the 20 more days! :) Thanks
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