Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Little do you know i got the Senior Superlative for Best Dressed. To look at my closet now you would never think that. Its funny how as you get older you lose touch, or money or whatever to keep up with the latest styles and trend setting info.

This week mom took me to her favorite store....Khol's....I am not a huge fan cause their clothes were either too teenybob or too soccer mom. I am happy to say we stumbled across a new line, and name i recognized, Lauren Conrad!!

Don't know how many of you were Hills watchers or even before that the FIRST Laguna Beach, but she is one of the main reality girls. At first sight i was like these are cute...but will they fit? Will i have to get an XL just to fit where i can breath like other stores :) I picked up three really cute, different styled, shirts in Mediums and they all fit!! they were flattering, modest and fun! I was totally impressed and excited! Finding something fun and girlie is rare and i found it!

Now i have another spot to check for cute clothes! Check her out!

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