Friday, May 13, 2011


Not sure what happened to the last blog was a great one about the new bed kimmel made....:(

Each day for the past 11 days have started with a shake looking like the above. Morning and evening with veggies and fruits in between. I am happy to say we have added Chicken and Fish to our menu! It was a big day for us! I got the Forman grill out and put some grill spices on it and it was the best chicken we have had in a while! We are loving the results of doing this as well. Kimmel has lost 10 lbs. and i have lost 5lbs. I feel 'clean' and healthy. Its nice! Really glad we are doing this! To keep things going 'clean' we have made some changes in our meat and chicken purchases. Cooking and eating smaller portions, cause we love some food! haha

If you have been looking for something to kick start a diet or just get healthy i totally recommend this! The company we are doing this thru is called Standard Process. They have a website if you are interested. :) check it out and we can share recipes! :)
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