Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nap time

This past weekend went by so quick! I can't believe its tuesday! We had a busy full day yesterday with friends and family and cooking out! It was really nice and relaxing. I think my hubby took two naps :)

We were talking about naps the other day, some friends and i. Reminiscing about college days when we took naps nearly everyday.  I am not a huge fan of napping just to nap but Kimmel is. So most times when he wants to nap that communicates i will be bored for the afternoon while he naps. :) But since i have been waking up at 5:35 monday thru thursday to pick up my niece to watch her all day....I LOVE NAPS! Some days i can keep myself busy enough to not need one and i just crash at like 9pm, but other times i pray that lil E stays asleep just one more hour cause i need to close my eyes. :)

Do you like naps? If so do you like cat naps or like 2-3 hours naps? Let me know! :)
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