Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pardon the interruption...

Yesterday was Kimmel's last middle school soccer game. I headed out there and as i walked toward the field i noticed he was out on the field...looking like he was playing, but he was referring the game. He was dressed in all black like the other team and his team was in gold. I sorta missed that at first and cheered for the black team thinking it was his...then i realized i was totally wrong! kinda confused me...oops! :)

At half time Kimmel and the other coaches called a 30 min delay due to lightning and then another coach said 'pardon the interruption' and just called it off. So the game ended. We headed off to dinner at Shady Oak. First time eating out since our detox....i didn't handle it that well...made me sick :( he was fine! 

We then went to a choir recital at his school. I wanted to go in support one of the sweet girls at his school, Emine. The boys choir did really well...and one guy sung Baby by beiber :) The girls did good too...3 of them sang "Background" by LeCrae i was really impressed! We saw the song title and was like it can't be?? and it was! we were proud! :) 

We got to hear like half the show and then the principle came up and said 'pardon the interruption' but there is a storm coming this way and we need to all get in the center hall ways. She was just about to sing her solo too...BUMMER! So we hung out at the school and listened to all the stories and news coming to us about the tornados touching down all around us. My neighbor was telling me we had hail the size of golfballs. We will check our roofs today. 

Its been a couple years since i have been super nervous about the tornados. Where we live is the bottom of tornado alley, so we don't see as many as those above us. Its hard to think of all the people in Joplin and Alabama who had an 'interruption' in their lives and have nothing left. That was swimming thru my mind the whole time. I even texted my sister just so she knew i was thinking about her. Left me thankful. 

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