Sunday, June 26, 2011

100 long years

I huge milestone has happened for Kimmel's mom's side of the family. His great grandmother turns 100 on Wednesday. She is a spry young thing that prays for her whole family every day while riding a stationary bike each night for an hour. She is a special lady to her family. I have only known about her for about 3 years and i find her amazing! She was a good sport and wore this head band and fun necklace :)

Her daughter Ann had a friend compose a poem based on her life and i feel these words are better than any i could say about her.
In Honor of Maxine Price Ray 

How does one begin to tell of one hundred years of living?
A hundred years of smiles and tears, of loving and forgiving? 
Childhood years passed quickly by, and God's unseen hand was guiding. 
You became a teacher in Palacios where your family was residing.

When a Baptist preacher moved to town, he brightened up your life.
It wasn't long before you knew that you would be his wife. 
And so one Sunday morning, standing before the congregation, 
You became the pastor's wife in a sacred celebration. 

(4Generations :) )
You were his friend and soul mate, his partner in ministry. 
For more than seventy years you shared each tear and victory. 
Together you parented children, teaching them all how to pray. 
Your faithful, godly example is influcing lives still today.
A hundred years lived for Jesus! Many souls you have won. 
And one day our blessed Redeemer will say to you, "well done!" 

Since all my grandparents passed away by the time i was in college, i am drawn to her cause i miss them. She reminds me of their love an sweetness. Her always encouraging smile and never ending love for her grandkids and great...i love to watch Andrew and her carry on. Oh how we are very thankful for her and excited she gets a fun celebration on Wednesday. The Mayor of Plano is coming to visit her! This milestone catches so attention! 

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