Thursday, June 23, 2011

First made to order

A couple weeks back we were hanging out with our friends Kyle and Maddie talking about the wood plans that Ana White has on line. Talking about the things Kimmel and i want to do. Then we came across the laundry pedestal and Maddie mentioned her parents just got front loaders and were looking to get one of those. I think she showed her mom and dad, they liked it but didn't have the time to make it. So just last week her mom asked Kimmel to make her a pedestal. We went over, took some measurements, and then he took the plans, tweaked them a hair and 'blam' we have an awesome pedestal!

She wanted to paint it and so we are excited to see the final results. :) My hubby rocks at this stuff!! Its fun to watch him get excited and create these awesome things for us and our friends! 

If you have front loaders and need a pedestal check out AnaWhite's
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