Saturday, June 11, 2011

Surprises...good or bad?

I love it when friends do surprise parties, gifts or anything cause its so fun and loving! I also secretly love getting scared and LOVE scaring people (tee hee) I have some fond memories at work with Kyle and Dustin and our love of scaring each other haha Andrew HATES it when i do it so i like it even more! Evil? yes!

This past week Kimmel and I got to surprise our friend Christin, in Austin, for her big 30!! Her husband Dustin planned it out and we just showed up with some balloons and a smile! She had no clue so it was really fun! It was a quick trip but totally worth it. 

We spent the day shopping for a bday outfit then Kimmel Dustin and i played around with cameras cause Kimmel and i are shooting our FIRST WEDDING tonight! I employed andrew cause my friend who did mine couldn't come :( we got some fun shots! 

Andrew snagged this one of me and their Daughter Chloe :) 

The birthday girl and her hubbby :) 

We went to dinner at a Mexican Restuarant that had a live band Karoke, TOTALLY fun! I had never done live band with Karaoke and it totally made a huge difference. Christin, her dad Kyle, Kimmel and her brother's girlfriend Jessica sang a song! It was fun!

Happy 30th! 

DO you like surprises? Why or why not? 
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