Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer lovin weird

In case you didn't realize this its SUMMER! 

I love having andrew around more but my schedule is null and it makes me feel a bit weird
Kimmel has been working at Jim's to prepare us for when he isn't working for KISD
 anymore so that is weird
Its 100 degrees all the time here in Texas, thats not weird, but 
me hoping that it wouldn't happen this summer is weird! haha 
Not visiting my family this summer is weird so i am going to have to rework 
the schedule and fix that! Without Kimmel i believe. :( 
Still haven't seen Fast Five yet....WEIRD
Don't have any beach plans this year...WEIRD!! 
First summer not doing any youth events...WEIRD!
The word weird looks weird after typing it several times! 

Just been feeling weird i thought i would share. 
No pictures or fun quote. Just weirdness around here. 
Hope your summer lovin is good! 

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