Monday, June 13, 2011

worked a wedding

This past weekend was my first wedding as the photog! The groom was a co worker of Kimmel's, Brent. They coached middle school hoodlums a variety sports together. When i talked to the bride i was very clear with her that i haven't ever done a wedding, and honestly wasn't sure i wanted to get into, so this would be my first. To which she responded, 'oh that's fine' and the groom said to Kimmel, 'we have seen her blog and like her work'. So i figured they knew what they were in for! haha I shall practice on you!  :)

Kimmel was my side kick for the evening and together i think we captured their night! I think together we took over 1200!! We only had one issue with a lens, and had to get batteries from the car for the flash. After the reception started Kimmel asked, "would you do another wedding" with a cute chuckle :) to which i responded 'Absolutely!' Even though my feet, back, and neck were hurting and my 'trigger finger' was so sore i had to use my middle finger i loved ever stressful, laughable moment captured. Ready to do another!  (will post more on the photo blog soon) 

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