Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp for others

This week is camp for our church youth group. This is the second camp i have missed since summer 2001 with this church. First summer i will not be going to any camp since 1997 as a leader. All my old co workers are at camp...three different camps the same week. I was reminded of this this morning cause two of them were tweeting all about it and then one said "i bet @suskimmel is enjoying a relaxing week."

There is a part of me that is sad i will not be there. There is another part of me glad i am not. Either way it is strange to think that i will not be going to camp this summer. It is a fun and awesome week that students make great memories with friends and take steps in their relationship with Christ that stay with them forever, even if it doesn't affect them yet.  It has been an honor to be apart of so many and see so many things!

Say a prayer for the youth group at your church. Think about the students you know and ask God to show himself to them in a real way (even if they aren't at camp yet) :) I will be too!
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