Thursday, July 07, 2011

Summer Slump

I am definitely hit a summer slump. I am drawing a blank on what to blog about and what to do. With kimmel working his pizza job hours i feel like i am single again at nights. I need to be proactive with hanging with my friends. So i thought i might to my top 3 things i like about texas, in no specific order. Yes 3 cause aside from Kimmel his family and friends there is much to be desired when living here :)

1. The sunsets year round are GORGEOUS!
Due to the flat terrain you can see for miles and miles as the sky changes colors and its just a beautiful reminder of God's creativity...and i think mercy cause we don't have much else to look at here haha

2. Seeing Horses with their colt or filly.
We live in a suburban area, but there are pockets of ranches and farms i guess near our home. We even have a boarding place right next to our neighborhood. Just recently i saw some new lil horses out running and playing with their mom's or uncles. Its a neat sight i have not grown up around and i really like it. It always brings a smile to my face when i see it! My niece road horses for a while and i thought that was sooo cool!

3. Downtown Fort Worth
This is an amazing downtown if i might say myself. They have two great events i love to attend each year. Their christmas parade and lighting of the tree and the Arts Festival in April. I love being around all the families at the christmas parade seeing the kids get all excited, and then all the other types of people that come out for the arts fest are fun! The art is great, the weather is typically decent and i love people watching!

I think the 100 degree weather that we have had all week and will remain this next week has spured my thoughts of dislike to this place so i must think positively. Its hard when you come from paradise to this. I guess its how Adam and Eve felt when they left the garden...i kid i kid :)

Enjoy where ever you are cause just like me God has you there for a reason! I love him for it cause His plan and ways are better than mine!! Hears to seeing God's good everywhere!!! Even if i am sweeting hahaha :)
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