Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Schedule

Now that summer is gone and Kimmel will have a more 'normal' schedule i can cook dinner again!! He came home one day telling me about this awesome site that Dave Ramsey's  talked about on his radio show that afternoon. It is site that helps with budget and planning of meals! Of course i was excited. A couple of my stay at home mom friends tell me the only way they do well money wise is to plan for the week. So that is my new plan. I checked out this great site...

I got an idea from their form to make my own and probably will wait to purchase the $5 a month recipe and member deal. It looks awesome and i am excited to put my own planning into practice. I have the first week of ideas...we shall see how many we eat and how this helps!

Do you have good meal planning sites? Do you have great coupon sites? 
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