Monday, August 22, 2011


I have realized that my blogging entry amount each week has really slowed down. I love reading blogs and writing fun stuff to share with you so i was curious as to what has happened. I figured out there are several reasons why.

1. NO JOB-I am no longer working at computer for half the day. Since i have quit work the only time i really sit at the computer is for editing photos. Before i would have my email up all day and researching something for someone. Not anymore.

2. ITS THE IPAD'S FAULT- Since Kimmel got me the iPad i don't need to go to my desktop. I find blogging difficult on the ipad flash. But once i finish checking email and looking at two sites i am done.

3. FIRST TRIMESTER- Was really sleepy and nauseous. The only things i would have to blog about is being sick and tired and the extremely HOT weather....MISERY! haha ( i know i am a wimp)

So i am hoping to change this a bit. I am starting to teach piano again so my brain will be stimulated a bit, and i am trying (still) to find some books to read. Its funny how the few months after not working i loved doing nothing and staying home all day. Now its been enough resting and time to start back again in a different way. No longer am i trying not to be sick but can do things so I am searching for fun things to do with my niece as i watch her each day. Free things of course :)

Realizing where you are helps to take the proper steps to change the situation. So here i am and here i go!

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