Friday, August 05, 2011

Sugar and Cinnamon

One of my goals in the kitchen is to make foods that are Kimmel's favorites. Making things from scratch is a great feeling of accomplishment i think. I really like to cook and try recipes. I like following directions but get disappointed when things don't come out gourmet like haha

Last time we drove to Va, mom sent me home with her Bread maker. I was hoping to make bread for sandwiches to save some money, but its such good fresh bread its like specialty bread not sandwich bread so loaves are still bought in the kimmel house. It does give you the option to make dough. I watched my friend Kari make Cinnamon rolls by using her bread maker that i had to get the recipe. 

Andrew loves Cinnamon Rolls. So my first attempt went ok. It was loads of fun, but i must figure out the secret to keeping them delicious and not dry. They were yum.
One of his favorite foods down....well almost!
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