Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A true statistic

Over the summer i kept seeing this commercial for where they state that "Today 1 in 5 relationships start over the internet- or dating sites".  I didn't really think that much of it until one day after watching TOO MANY hours of tv i was like yeah right! 1 in 5 that doesn't even sound like a good statistic why would you put that up for your ad? haha I proceeded to think about the 'single ladies' small group i used to host and how there was like 5 or 6 of us in the group and we all are married now, so i started to figure out how we all met our hubbies and THE STATISTIC IS TRUE!!

Here is the findings: -names hidden for privacy :)
GIRL 1- ME met my hubby at my work place (church) and sorta thru a friend
GIRL 2 - Meet her hubby thru a friend who was helping a newly transferred boy at her work get acquainted with her friends and girl 2 caught his eye.
GIRL 3- Meet her hubby thru friends and had a long courtship
GIRL 4- Had just moved back home with her family the year before and was active in the youth and met her hubby thru the church
GIRL 5- Moved to NYC and put herself on a dating site to meet friends  in the area and a guy from ALABAMA chatted her up and now are married!

It was fun to see how God had directed our steps. We were all out of college, working girls, supporting our selves but felt like God would bring that special man to us. Some of our waits were longer than others but totally worth it. I like it. I think dating sites are good if you have a fun outgoing personality and can put up with the crazies :) I am thankful that was not my path.

How many of your friends met and married someone from a date site?
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