Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Macgyver Kimmel

This is a picture of my Dad's old fishing tackle box. When i purchased my townhouse mom let me take all dad's tools and stuff that she didn't need or want. So being the sentimental person i am i took his fishing rods and tackle box even though i don't fish. (my dad passed away when i was in 6th grade) Little did he or I know that this box would come in handy for our toilet.

The other morning Kimmel told me that our toilet 'thingy' had broken and we will need to get another one. So after the busy sunday we forgot to stop off and get the part. So My Macgyver Husband pulls out the tackle box and says i think i can fix it temporarily. So he grabbed some hooks and something else and headed to the bathroom. He smiles and says "at least these were made for water."

I love my handy hubby! He is creative too! Its fun to be around him and see what he does next :)
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