Friday, September 23, 2011

One of our favorite shows

So i am not sure if you have heard of this show or not. Supposedly its making lots of noise and people love it, Son's of Guns. We stumbled across this show last summer i believe and liked instantly. Its on the discovery channel, which i must confess i never watch but Kimmel does. If you haven't caught it yet you should at least try it once!

It is a reality show about Will the owner of a gun shop, his daughter Stephanie runs the office part and 5-6 other guys work on the guns. They live in Louisiana and are just fun to watch. Last season i told Kimmel that Chris totally liked Stephanie, and that came out this season! I don't think he believed me when i said it :) haha women's intuition! Its incredible what they make. Their interactions are crazy too. I believe they are now turning the show into an hour long i guess you need to get on the band wagon cause they are red hot! 

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