Friday, September 09, 2011

Simple Joy

The word FAIR is something we like to use when things aren't going our way -not fair- or when we are making something to go our way and we say -its only fair-. Not really sure if fair is ever something God wanted for us, cause he never said life would be simple and fair for us. 
So after me and this other lady were going to the check out of the DR office, i kind of walked a lil faster so i could check out first. As the nurse  was doing so i started to feel selfish and kind of rude...i mean i didn't push her or anyone else out the way i just made eye contact with the nurse first, its only fair i check out. But as we scheduled the next one, and i paid, she asked the lady for her stuff and she had nothing to schedule or pay so all she had to do was sign it and she could leave. I am glad the nurse did that. As i processed what was happening i thought I should have offered for her to go first, not because she didn't take long but just cause for JOY. 

I remember a long time ago there was that an acronym  going around Jesus Others You, to remind us that when we put Jesus first others second we have JOY.  Thinking of others is hard to do when you have so much to get done in one day. Some days it comes easer cause we aren't as busy, but i was reminded that i need to stop and see the others around me. That the world is much bigger than my spot. That God wants us to be joyful and share that. That he loves us all equally. THAT IS FAIR! 
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