Tuesday, September 20, 2011

sweet songs of heritage

I was rocking my niece (who i watch monday thru thursday) to sleep for a nap the other day and i started singing this really old song. I am not sure where it gets categorized but maybe spiritual song. It made me think back to my wee little bit times and i thought i would share.

Praise him, praise him. Praise him in the morning, praise him in the noon day. Praise him, praise him. praise him til the sun goes down.

On sunday at our Cell Group (small group for non northwoodians) we were praying and waiting on the Lord to speak and share a song for us to sing and Kimmel kept hearing the song his grandmother sang to him when he was little...but honestly i dont' remember it at all....all i remember is "Yes Lord Yes. I will listen and obey." or something...its not my family that sung that one.

It just brought to my mind the fact that we have some amazing parents that poured truth and love into our hearts early and after all these years they still stick. We can hear the songs reminding us of our God.  Either that or the brainwashing worked...i kid i kid! :)

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