Thursday, October 06, 2011

Another Favorite at our house

Mythbusters is a show that makes science cool! The scientific method is put into practice with each idea or myth. I wonder if any science classes watch episodes of the topic they are studying. I know i would if i was a teacher. I remember in my Junior year Physics class we watched Bill Nygh the Science Guy! haha it was fun and educational! 

I must admit this too is a Kimmel liked first thing. He would watch marathons of this show and i was kind of like its alright.  I see now that its pretty cool! The people are definitely entertaining to say the least. :) It is amazing all the stuff they go thru just to prove something to be busted or not. Pretty cool stuff! I have learned a lot too, some necessary for life others not so necessary!

Do you and your family Mythbusters? What other shows do you think make science cool? 

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