Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cloth Diapers

I have begun the journey of research for cloth diapers. Its CRAZY the options you have! The fanciness and yet simplicity of it all. It can be overwhelming.

I am pretty sure my sister thinks i am crazy for wanting to do this, but i love the idea of saving money and leaving a little less of a 'carbon footprint'. There are just things that you can put your mind to and do, even if its the 'hard way'. But if this is all i know then it won't be hard.

My niece currently uses cloth diapers, so i am getting some trial time with her style. It has helped me form an opinion but would like to try some others. There are some trial packs that i might sign up for to give it a shot. Most of my friends that have done cloth recommend for the first month or so to buy disposable cause they are just so tiny that the cloths swallow them up! haha

Excited to see which ones we choose!

Do you use cloth? Which is the best one for you?

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