Thursday, October 20, 2011


It has been fun watching our families get excited about our lil baby boy due in Feb. My sister kept purchasing these awesome onsies and said she needed to know the gender soon cause she wanted to get specific. Its fun to see the ones she has picked out! We are excited for our lil Mister to wear them!

She has four kids of her own they all are excited in their own way. Her youngest, Max, really likes Uncle Andrew and she told me just the other day that Max had picked out a gift for the baby but was really for Uncle Andrew! So sweet and thoughtful! :) Really do wish we lived closer.

Its fun to see all the sayings that stores put on onsies and how with each gender it seems there are specific things they must put. I think my favorite i have seen so far is 'if you think i am cute you should see my dad' :)

What saying have you seen for lil ones that makes you smile? Did you receive one from a friend or family member that  was just embarrassing?? I am curious?

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