Saturday, October 01, 2011

Something borrowed for something BLUE

So one of my goals to save money during this pregnancy was to get as many pregnancy clothes from friends and family. To borrow and share clothes is awesome! I didn't do it much growing up, we didn't do that in our family. haha So now is my chance. Its been amazing!

Thursday we found out that we are having a lil boy come february! We are excited! Andrew took off work and was able to be there for the sonogram. My mom has been here all week so she too got a peak at the little pea! He was just a moving around and the lady had to keep following him to try to find all his organs and take pictures. Its incredible those little machines and what they can see. Even more incredible is the technician how she can tell one grey spot is an organ and the other darker grey is just something else.

We are keeping the name under wraps for a while...we have shared with family but for now that is may change you never know :) We have the baby room under full construction and will keep you posted with the fun things we add. I am not a huge gender color room decor person so it is a neutral room with some fun boy highlights now :)

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement! We are having a fun journey. Now we know who is joining our family and its surreal. :) Half way there!
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