Monday, October 17, 2011

Two lego towers distracted.

This weekend our church hosted a ladies retreat with guest speaker Pricilla Shire. She was incredible! Such a blessing to us all. I had never heard her before but my mom had told me she was amazing so i knew i was in for a treat!

One of the traits of a great speaker/preacher is their illustrations and connecting to their points. This lady had wonderful life stories that just seemed fit for her to use to share with the world about God and his thoughts. There were several that i came home and shared with Kimmel and was just in so happy i remembered! haha

Pricilla shared a story about her youngest boy and his legos that hit home with me. She began by saying how much she loved to play legos with him, and how fun it is to build lego towers. They begin to build a tower. She said it never fails that after about 2 mins he gets distracted by either the other two boys in her family, the tv, or just something. After 2 mins of that new thing he gets distracted and comes back to his mom and instead of building on the first tower he starts a new one. Pricilla says she tries to explain to him they already started the other and he should just add on to this one, but he says no and continues for 2 mins to build a new one until distracted again....and then back again after 2 mins to start building a third tower. She likened this to us and the lessons God is teaching us. We start out listening and building up our faith, self control, thoughts, etc anything that God is shaping in us and we get distracted so we leave that spot. We come back later only to start again on the same thing yet at the bottom again.

Phillipians 1:6 And i am sure of this, that he who begun a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. 

I have said before in life, didn't i already learn this? Or isn't this what i was trying to change last year. I got distracted! I stopped listening and building with God cause i got distracted! There are so many things in this place to get distracted. I want to get out of God's way so he can keep building on the thing He started too!

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