Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stockings hung..

Well thanksgiving is done and everyone around the 50 states are putting up their Christmas decor. This is something i am not a huge christmas decor fan. One year i was given an awesome small little silver lighted tree that i would put up when i was single cause it was cool and lit up. My cat knocked it over and so the next year didn't do so.

This year i asked Kimmel to grab a couple of the tubs of christmas stuff from the attic so i could decorate. I over heard him tell someone it took her only 10 mins to do it all. :) We don't have a tree. Although this year may be the year, we aren't traveling and we both took pictures of christmas trees we like to show each other one day last month it was quite funny! So we might.

I do love stockings though. They are just a sweet and fun part of the decorations. Some people like the fun loud ones with all sorts of stuff on the bottom, i like simple with names. Thankfully Pottery Barn has some awesome options to choose from and they run this deal each year that makes them a steal! It was before thanksgiving where they do free shipping and free monogram, so each stocking comes out to $9! You can't beat that! I had purchased mine and Kimmel's last year so i was super stocked when the same deal was this year so we could get our lil Boy's! Decided i was gonna splurge and get some fun stocking holders this year so of course i went to Hobby Lobby to find these awesome reindeer!

Maybe we will get a tree, and some other lighted stuff. But for now i have the stockings hung and the warm fire burning each night- Thanks to Kimmel!! :)

Tis the season! Now its music time!
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