Monday, November 07, 2011

What did you say Kidd?

On my early drive to pick up my niece each morning i listen to the Kidd Kraddick Show and they were talking about eating alone. How most of them eat their dinner alone either out or at home. Kidd was sharing about a time he ate out and eavesdropped on the table next to him and got some great advice. It was and older couple with a newly married couple and he heard the younger ask how they kept the marriage from getting stale. He took notes and shared with all of us. This is what he heard.

1. Tell each other about your day, daily (so you don't get out of loop of whats going on in each day)
2. Flirt with each other at least once a day 
3. Do something goofy (fun) each day (cause if you aren't having fun it gets dull) 
4. Have your own hobby and space for yourself

I thought those were really great and had heard most of them before. I would add to it spiritually:

5. Keep your first love -God (keep your walk with Him growing) 
6. Pray together for each other at least sunday night to cover the week in prayer (you can do each night if you like) :) 

What advice have you received to keep the marriage SPICY :) DO SHARE! 
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