Monday, November 28, 2011

whew! we are home!

Back home after a whirl wind week to Virginia i can feel like i need to have a break! We had a blast with my family! Got to do some fun things as well as just hang out too.
Had my first black friday mom found a really great deal on a TV she wanted so we ventured out and caught a little of the crazy action!

Before we left Kimmel was wanting to reread Hunger games since the movie was coming out. I haven't read it yet so He read it to me. I was sucked in and loved it! I am probably the last person alive to start reading them but if you haven't get it! :)

My sister hosted a shower for our lil baby boy. We invited a handful of friends that live in the area and i got to catch up with them! It was a lovely gift! We got some awesome gifts and boxes of hand me downs from my friends who just had twins! Its nice to be around people who have known you what seems like forever and everyone just gets along! haha Its funny how we felt all grown up! 

Glad owls are in right now cause they are too darn cute! :) 

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